Lesson 12 - Onward Journey

The Onward Journey

Asking for help is essential to achieving your goals. We can accomplish much more with others than we can on our own.

Video Lesson

Video Lesson

Healthy Mind Practices

My Journal

Memory Object

Objects can be powerful gateways to memory. Choose a small object from your room that you want to associate with positive memories from completing these lessons. It should be something small that you can comfortably hold in the palm of one hand.

Lesson 12 - 2

Find a comfortable spot and hold your memory object. Think back across each lesson. Find a good memory. It may be something that happened while you participated in our lessons or something positive that has happened in your life. Squeeze the object and place those positive thoughts and emotions into that object.

Lesson 12 3

Take a short break and do something else for 10-15 minutes.

Come back to your comfortable place and pick up your object again. Close your eyes and take a few minutes to remember the memory that you want to associate with it.

Lesson 12 4

Now, you can use this object to go back to a calm place whenever you feel worried, angry or uncomfortable.

Video Lesson

Video Lesson

The Ongoing Journey

Lesson 12 5

You did it!

Congratulations on making it through the lessons!

Take time to congratulate yourself for your hard work and recognize this achievement. Lesson 12 Congratulate

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The skills in Me & My Emotions will continue to help you deal with challenges in your life big and small. These skills are like a muscle and should be practiced frequently.

This website can still help you set goals to practice and remind you of them, just like it did during the lessons. Keep coming back to the website, and once a week it will give you a chance to update your goals for the week and write down how you did last week. Pick one or two activities to do daily.

Although you’ve completed all the Me & My Emotions lessons, we hope this site will continue to help you live a life of mental well-being.

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