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Movement can be a powerful support to our mental well-being. In this lesson we’ll learn about ways exercise and other forms of movement can help us feel better.

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Video Lesson

Importance of Moving

What can you do to get moving?

Here are some different types of movement that you can try. To get moving and build the habit of physical activity, it’s important to find a type of exercise that you like.

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For some people, being part of a group helps people stay fit. Others enjoy solitary activities. It is important to know which type of person you are.

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Join a team or club

If you like being part of a group, one way to stay fit is to join a team. Even if you don’t think of yourself as athletic or competitive, you can find a team who wants to play in a more casual way.

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In schools, some sports have no requirement for players to have certain physical abilities or knowledge of the sport to be part of the team. Some examples of activities that are open to people of all levels of physical ability are cross- country running, jogging, walking, team tennis, biking, bowling, Ping-Pong, or soccer.

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Your local parks and recreation department will host low-cost sports teams that you can sign up for online or at a local park. Many times, they have softball, volleyball, and basketball teams that anyone can join.

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The Internet is a great place to search for other information, such as non-profit organizations that might sponsor fun runs. Some non-profits offer training for marathons and half marathons if you agree to assist with fundraising for their organization.

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These classes can be empowering, letting us experience ourselves in control of dangerous situations. Model muggings, karate, martial arts, kickboxing, or other activities that require a range of physical effort are recommended.

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Yoga can be done in groups in a studio or even at home, with online instruction from videos on YouTube or social media. It requires no special equipment.

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Yoga can help loosen up the tense muscles in your body. The areas of the body that tend to carry the most stress are the neck, shoulders, and back. Other parts of the body (like the face, jaw, fingers, or wrists) can also benefit from simple yoga stretches. L9 10Yoga is so much more than just physical exercise, though. The key to getting the best out of each pose is to focus not only on your body but also on your mind and breathing. Yoga can help reduce the impact of toxic stress and promote relaxation. People who do yoga each day find they’re better able to handle life when it gets stressful and crazy. Practicing yoga every day builds the ability to calm the brain, focus on the present, stay emotionally balanced, and relax the body. Yoga experts suggest you start with Gentle Yoga. Some people think of yoga as stretching or twisting the body into impossible-looking pretzel shapes, but yoga is easier than it looks. There are simple poses as well as complicated ones, so there’s something for every physical ability level. Many people do yoga daily. You can do yoga in any way that fits into your day and your fitness level. You can take classes or find instructional videos on YouTube. As with any exercise program, we recommend you ensure you are in good enough health and understand your physical limitations. If necessary, seek the guidance of a medical doctor or fitness coach. Here is an example for beginners to get you going:

Guided full body workout programs

If you prefer to exercise alone and need something flexible with a low time commitment, a guided program where you follow along with an instructor while doing basic exercises might be for you. Always make sure you understand what these programs will ask you to do, and choose one that you can complete without injuring yourself.

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One example is the 5BX and XBX, which were developed by the Royal Canadian Air Force to keep their pilots in shape. It is available online for free, can be done indoors, and requires no equipment. It is a progressive training program that gradually gets harder, almost like having your own coach. The top 5BX chart is designed for professional athletes. It is recommended that you only do this level if you have a coach.

Here’s a video to get you started:

There is a whole universe of options out there for getting moving. For your practice plan this week, you’ll commit to picking out a way to get moving and following through with it. Find something that you love.

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